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Wedding Photographs

Naturally couples want to have a record of their big day, but sometimes those taking the photographs are not as sensitive as they might be to the church and to the service that is taking place.

We will give you a letter to pass to the person who is taking the photographs. We ask them to let us know who they are by returning the slip to us. It means that if an issue arises on the day we can talk to them about it afterwards and avoid any unpleasantness on the day.

This what the letter says:

You have been asked to take photographs on the Wedding Day of a couple who are going to be married at St Mary & St Nicolas in Spalding. To avoid any misunderstandings I have asked them to give you a copy of these guidelines. Please will you keep them with your information about this booking.

In order to minimise the distraction from photographs for all who are taking part in the service we ask you to keep to the following guidelines:

 Please make yourself known to the priest who is conducting the service, and if you are in any doubt ask what is permitted and accept the answer given.

Understand that the service begins when the bride enters the church and is not over until couple leave through the west door.

 We are normally happy to allow photographs at these points:

1. After the registers have been signed (this is the only time when flash may be used)

2. During the first hymn a photograph may be taken with a hand-held camera from the back of the church.

3. When the couple are walking down the aisle to leave church a photograph may be taken with a hand-held camera. Please do not stop the couple or ask them to pose.

 There should be only one photographer in the church.

 You are welcome to take photographs outside the church before and after the service. If the weather is bad, you may be able to take photographs in the church after the service.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We have found that when photographers follow these guidelines, the service runs smoothly and everyone is able to concentrate on the promises you are making and the prayers that are being said for you.