We aim to be a loving and welcoming Christian community:
honouring God in worship, following Christ in our lives and participating in his mission.

The Parish Office, 1 Halmer Gate, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 2DR

Tel 01775 722772


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25th March PALM SUNDAY

Churches Together Service

Starting from Holland Market at 10.15am

1st April  EASTER DAY Worship for All/PARADE (with Communion)

B/S 15  All Heaven declares

1) 381 Jesus Christ is risen today

2) 294 He is Lord

3) 31 Alleluia, Alleluia give thanks to the risen Lord

Com.  850 You laid aside your Majesty

           683  Surrexit Christus

4) 751 Thine be the Glory

8th April

B/S  423 Led like a lamb to the slaughter (2 verses)

1) 32 Alleluia, Alleluia

2) 61 Be still and know

3) 401 Jesus stand among us

Com.  324  I am trusting thee Lord Jesus

          683  Surrexit Christus

4) 75 Blessed Assurance.

St Mary's Singers

St Mary’s Singers help to lead the worship at 9.30am on Sundays.

They include men and women, boys and girls.

Contact Pearl Machin if you would like to join.

Hymns for the 9.30am Service

25th February  2nd Sunday in Lent

B/S  MP 206  Hallelujah my father

1) 526  New every morning is the love

2) 379 Jesus calls us o’er the tumult

3) 834 Will you come and follow me

Com. 380  Jesus Christ (2 verses – no link)

         Taize 120  Eat this bread

4) 337  I the Lord of sea and sky.

4th March

B/S  382  Jesus Christ is waiting vs 1, 3 & 5.

1) 248 God of Grace and God of Glory

2) 765 Thou art the way

3) 362 Inspired by Love and Anger vs. 1 – 5.

Com.  380 Jesus Christ           

       Taize 5  Bless the Lord my Soul

1) 70 Before the throne of God above

11th March.  Mothering Sunday Worship for All/PARADE ( with communion)

1) 91 Brother, Sister let me serve you

2) 652 Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

3) 62 Be still for the presence of the Lord

4) 317 How deep the Father’s love for us

Com.  376  Jesus, be the Centre

           360 In the Lord I’ll be ever thankful

5) 692 Tell out my Soul

18th March

B/S  MP 20 Halleluiah my father (twice)

1) 437 Lift High the Cross,.  vs. 1,3,4,6,8 & 9.

2) 533 Now the green blade riseth

3) 205 From Heaven you came

Com. (Sheet) There is a green hill

          Taize 129 Stay with us O Lord Jesus Christ

4) 507  Meekness & Majesty